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BPW Galway: It's Not Business As Usual Embracing Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The Impact of COVID 19 has already resulted in many a marketing playbook and strategy being ripped up and tossed to one side as businesses pivoted quickly to embrace effective and smart digital strategies to connect, mobilise and engage with consumers in an effort to maintain and grow their businesses. When a business moves behind closed doors, what can you do to keep those doors open, to reach your targets and keep your business afloat and growing? Rather than falling at the first hurdle, getting ahead of the game in a simple and effective way, is easier than you may think.  In this BPW Galway webinar on Wednesday 28th October at 7:30pm, BPW Galway brings together Sinéad Cassidy of the Galway Races and Ruth Storan of Connacht Rugby to showcase how both organisations quickly and successfully adapted their marketing plans earlier this year to engage with their customer's, supporters, and the wider community through simple, smart and effective and digital marketing activities.  Sinéad and Ruth will share insights, strategies and practical advice to advance your efforts to connect with and mobilise your customers and community to support the building of your brand and profitability of your business as we navigate through these unprecedented times. Delivered via keynote presentations and a panel discussion moderated by Joanne Murphy,  President of BPW Galway, this webinar is one not to be missed.  There will be plenty of practical advice to be gained from this session as well as plenty of insight to inspire you to embrace some new digital strategies and activities. 

To register for this FREE webinar click HERE

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