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Executive Committee

Moyra McMahon

BPW Ireland President


I am honoured to be National President of BPW Ireland and part of this great world-wide Organisation and I am also delighted to partake of the work and enjoy the friendships I have made over many years with BPW.  I would recommend BPW Membership to anyone who enjoys the comradery of positive women who want to make a difference.

Carmen Taheny

BPW Europe ECC Secretary


My membership of BPW for over 16 years and now in my role on the Board of BPW Europe, allows me to advocate for equality in power and decision making roles for women everywhere.  I am proud to contribute to the important work of BPW and enjoy the collaboration with like-minded women from all over the world.

Attracta Real 

BPW National Secretary


I joined BPW Galway in 2005 and immediately felt at home with like minded women who offer friendship and support. I am delighted to be part of an international organisation with a long history of advocacy for women and whose members make a difference through friendship, fellowship and support

Colette Nugent

BPW Ireland Treasurer

Louise Creevy

BPW Galway President 

Louise Creevy.jpg

I joined BPW Galway in 2010 and have never looked back, the friendships, opportunities, people I have met and support I have enjoyed as a member of this vibrant club has played a huge part in my own personal and professional success. I am a proud and grateful BPW Galway member

Jean Durkin

BPW Tullamore President 

jean durkin_edited.jpg

On moving to Tullamore, the Club was a life line for me; it was great to meet with like-minded people, engage in lively debates and see my new location with new eyes. I developed lifelong friendships and after 35 years in BPW I can honestly say that it has added a very worthwhile and enjoyable dimension to my life. 

Jeannette Byrne

BPW Dublin President

Screenshot 2020-11-08 at 12.46.18.png

My membership has given me new friendships and I greatly enjoy my interaction with like-minded women.  I am happy to recommend BPW as a social outlet as well as an opportunity to advocate for women's rights throughout the world.

Mary Pat Kavanagh

Galway BPW Representative


I have made life long friends and we have enjoyed many BPW activities together over the years.  BPW  Tullamore has been involved in many activities in supporting women and young girls locally, nationally and internationally. 

Johanna Downes

National Women’s CounciI of Ireland Representative


I am grateful to BPW for the many new friendships I have made with fantastic women of all ages, both in my own Club, Galway, and around the world.

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