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Moyra McMahon
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President's Message

BPW is a World-Wide Organisation with over 30,000 members, dedicated to the empowerment of Women.  In its 100-year history, BPW has continually advocated for equal status for Women in power and decision-making roles.  BPW Ireland is proud to be part of BPW International for more than 60 years.

At the heart of the wider BPW is each BPW Club, which aims to provide a warm gathering for business and professional women to forge friendships; develop professionally; and influence the agenda of the wider BPW. 
We call this “to share, educate and give a voice to women”.  
In Ireland, we have three Clubs, where the Members enjoy face to face meetings regularly. Check out these clubs, which may be in your area.  You are assured of a warm friendly welcome.
If you are not close to any of these locations, please contact me for information on becoming a Friend of BPW which will give you access to the exciting work of BPW in Ireland and around the World.


If you are under 35 years, you may the interested in the exciting work being undertaken by Young BPW which is shaping BPW for the next 90+ years.  The links are Young BPW Europe. Whether you are a student, or a young woman starting her business or career, there are opportunities for you to make world-wide contacts within Young BPW.

At Irish, European and International level, BPW works with Governments and NGOs to achieve legal and systemic change which addresses issues of discrimination against women.  Together, we have significant leverage including consultative status with the Council of Europe and the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Although each Club is relatively small, our combined voices and our long history of advocacy for women, gives us real power to make a difference.
Whether you are interested in developing friendships with like-minded women; developing your own skills or influencing change at a wider level, there is a place for you within BPW. We look forward to welcoming you.
Moyra McMahon
President BPW Ireland


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