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President's Message

BPW is a World -Wide International Organisation  with over 30,000 members . In its 100 year history it has been dedicated to the empowerment of Women with Consultative status with the Council of Europe and the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

BPW Ireland is a vibrant membership based organisation dedicated to the support advocacy and development of professional businesswomen. The organisation ethos is to Share Educate and give a voice to Women. There are three established clubs in Ireland where members enjoy monthly face to face meetings.

If you are under 35 years of age you may be interested in the exciting work and development of Young BPW . Whether you are a student, or a young woman starting her business career, there are opportunities for you to make world-wide contacts within Young BPW Europe and Young BPW International.

BPW Irelands vision for 2024-2026 is to sustain growth by developing Professional and Leadership Potential for Women at all levels. Whether you are interested in developing friendships with like-minded women, developing your own skills or influencing change at a wider level, there is a place for you within BPW Ireland.


We look forward to welcoming you.


Colette Nugent.

President BPW Ireland.


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