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2023 BPW International President's Message for Candle Lighting Ceremony

Dear Members,

For the new year that has just begun, BPW International wishes you prosperity, health and happiness. May all your wishes come true and all your actions through cooperation be successful. At the beginning of the year, we are celebrating the Candle Lighting Ceremony to show our worldwide connection and sisterhood.

I would like to remind you not to forget our sisters who live in war zones, crisis areas, terrorism and especially those whose human rights are constantly violated through denial of their rights of education, free movement and economic independence, and to remember all those who lost their lives in the fight for women’s rights, those who were tortured, violated or put into prison. Please light a special candle for them. They especially need our help. With all my best wishes and the knowledge that we can achieve a lot for the advancement and empowerment of Women in this New Year. Dr. Catherine Bosshart BPW International President 2021-2024

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