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On April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day. Observed annually since 1970, one month after

the spring equinox, Earth day marks the anniversary of modern environmental consciousness

and dedicated care for the planet.

BPW is stepping up to promote the message of sustainability and encourage individual

responsibility and action in women everywhere. Through our networks, we will do our part to

draw attention to the pressing issues of the planet, seek solutions by informing ourselves and

examining our own contribution to environmental welfare, and invite women leaders and

women everywhere to join us in making pledges of sustainability for the year ahead.

JOIN US on Earth Day 2023

Join us this month as we post photos/videos of ourselves on social media, holding the

Earth. This visual can be achieved by drawing the shape of the planet onto your palm,

holding up a globe or a ball with earth-like graphics, or editing the planet into one’s photo

digitally. The image/video should be posted on social media (Facebook and/or Instagram)

along with the pledge (“I promise to…”, “Holding the Earth by…”), using hashtags

A special chant was created and released on Earth Day 2021, which can be shared on social

media and other channels: “I am the Earth”. Thanks to the authors (Birgid Täht, Marii Väljataga) and performers (Kadi Toom, Marii Väljataga, Helen Kübar) for this wonderful chant. (watch above). The chant was created by BPW Estonia members, and serves as an empowering, rhythmic backdrop for this campaign.


The pledge can be personal or professional, depending on what you are passionate about and what you are able to commit to in the present stage of your life. Big changes start with small, consistent ones – the pledge can be anything from deciding to renounce plastic bags, create a bee-friendly balcony, change dietary habits, or consume music in a more sustainable fashion. However big or small, it is important that the practice or activity selected is something YOU intend to follow throughout the year.

Join us and bring new energy to your community’s sustainability story with the BPW Earth

Day 2023 campaign!

For more information about Green and Sustainable, go to

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