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Glass Ceiling

In response to the Covid Pandemic this year, we moved our meetings and events online, to ensure that our members remained connected and safe.  We found that this worked very well as a method of reaching our members with good quality information and support as well as many, many virtual cups of coffee. 

We understand that it is currently not safe to meet face to face. We also understand that it can be difficult for some women to attend face to face meetings at any time due to distance and life pressures.

If you are interested in being part of Digital BPW Ireland, please contact us for more information. We have an exciting series of Webinars scheduled. Check out our Digital BPW Club where members are welcome to join us and enjoy a portal to the digital content produced by BPW Ireland and by the BPW Community.  

If your Corporate Women’s Group would like to discuss membership of Corporate BPW Ireland, please use contact us here.


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