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BPW win "Galway People of the Year Award"

BPW (Business and Professional Women) is an International Organisation with over 30,000 members, dedicated to the empowerment of Women.  In its 90-year history, BPW has advocated for equal status for Women in power and decision-making roles.   Ireland is proud to be a BPW Member for over 60 years.

The history of BPW lies in women entering the workforce in significant numbers during World War 1.  It became clear that women needed a voice and BPW initially helped to organise women across the United States to press for better and equal conditions as well as respect for their contribution to the Economy.  The first International BPW Meeting took place in Geneva in 1930 and the work of improving conditions for women and girls has continued since and is now world-wide.


At the heart of the wider BPW is each BPW Club, which aims to provide a warm gathering for business and professional women to forge friendships; develop professionally; and influence the agenda of the wider BPW.  

We call this to share, educate and give a voice to women.   


In Ireland, we have three main Clubs and a number of affiliates: 

East/Dublin -  https://www.facebook.com/BPWDublin.ie

Midlands/Tullamore - https://www.bpwtullamore.ie

West/Galway - http://www.bpwgalway.ie 

We are also part of the wider BPW:

Our Region is Europe - https://www.bpw-europe.org, which is part of 

BPW International - https://www.bpw-international.org

At Irish, European and International level, BPW works with Governments and NGOs throughout the world to achieve legal and systemic change which addresses issues of discrimination against women.  Together, we have significant leverage including consultative status with the Council of Europe and the United Nations Economic and Social Council.  Although each Club is relatively small, our combined voices and our long history of advocacy for women, gives us real power to make a difference.

If you would like an introduction to your nearest Club or if you have any questions, please contact me at presidentbpwireland@gmail.com


Moyra McMahon

National President BPW Ireland

Business and Professional Women Club Galway and Carmen Taheny as a Galway Person of the Year is recognised due to the successful winning and delivery of the prestigious 16th BPW European Conference in Galway in May 2019.  Against stiff competition to host the Conference from Paris, Reykjavik, Tallinn and Istanbul the BPW Galway Team, led by the National President, Carmen, sold Galway as the ideal destination and welcomed over 400 delegates from 26 Countries. 

The 3-day Conference was a resounding success built around the concept of PEACE and explored under the topics of People, Environment, Ambition, Communication and Education.  16 leading female speakers and 20 workshops provided the core of the Conference over three days with many other formal and informal groups meeting to share ideas. And we showed our Pride in our City with many excursions and social events to ensure that our visitors would have a visit to Galway that they would always remember.

BPW Galway was founded in 1986 with Breda Ryan the founding member and first President of the Club. Since 1986 BPW Galway has grown from a core group of 25 to a current membership of 89 and growing. 

BPW Galway members are women, who are, or have been, in business and the professions.  These like-minded women learn from each other, support each other, advocate for women generally.  There is no age limit or barrier to membership. 


Carmen Taheny has been a member of BPW Galway for over 15 years and has held many executive positions including President of BPW Galway and National President BPW Ireland.  She currently holds the role of International Liaison for BPW Ireland.  Carmen is passionate about empowering women and a vocal advocate for the talent of women in the West of Ireland. Please review at https://www.bpwireland.ie